Join us for a night of sprawling soundscapes, haunting melodies, and gargantuan riffs with a lineup of three exceptional and musically complimentary - yet delightfully unique - bands:

Described by Damnation Festival as "One of the UK's finest rising post-rock" talents, Din of Celestial Birds bring their powerfully emotive post-rock to Brighton to kick off their first tour of 2024. After a storming 2023 touring their debut album The Night is for Dreamers, including performances at ArcTanGent and Damnation Festival's Night of Salvation, the 'Birbs' are back, this time celebrating 5 years since their debut release, EP 1, with a mix of album tracks and re-worked EP 1 tracks. Their stunning live performances guide the listener on a tumultuously enrapturing journey through euphoric highs, crushing lows, and everything inbetween.

Fusing phenomenal musicianship with visionary imagination, Mount Forel weave enveloping soundscapes which inspire comparisons to any number of musical greats, with elements of Radiohead, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, and even Philip Glass. These maestros leave no stone unturned when excavating their broad mastery of musical devices, as exemplified on their latest masterwork, Sub Rosa Stories. Their spellbinding craft is best experienced live - don't miss this exceptional opportunity to catch the masters at work!

Completing the lineup are Brighton's own uncompromisingly cerebral Ensemble 1, whose calculatedly experimental approach to composition is as impossible to categorise as it is captivating. Fusing post-rock aesthetics with math-rock riffs and Reich-like rhythms, their evocative releases Guitar, Bass & Drums, and Delay Works challenge and delight the listener in equal measure.