Fools of April

The Troubadour , 263-267 Old Brompton Road , London

Fools of April with Bladderwrack + Mount Forel + Yes Mess plus DJs Cylonik & Niiko

We will be releasing our first single "The Hum" from our next album "Sub Rosa Stories", on the same day as this gig, and will be playing all the new songs from the next album in the show - hear them here first!

We'll be playing with our good friends Bladderwrack and Yes Mess, come early and enjoy the food upstairs before the booze and music below...

Bladderwrack is a 2-man Dickensian Rant Rock Band from Penge playing merciless protest music in its purest form.

Bladderwrack was formed as a reaction to the repellent events and specimens dominating our headlines and media, and each 2-minute song is a tirade directed at a deserving muse. Bladderwrack features a Victorian undertaker playing a battered 12-string acoustic guitar through an ancient bass amp via a concoction of abusive pedals, and bellowing furiously through an overdriven microphone. Providing the thunderous backbone to this murderous noise is a gravedigger who howls ferociously while punishing his drum kit. Bladderwrack recorded a 9-song album in 1 hour at Moles Studio in Bath, produced and engineered by Toby McLaren (The Heavy, Led Bib), and has released several global smash-hit singles since, accompanied by unique and disturbing videos, including the rabble-rousing ‘Please Sir, We Want Some More’ and the hideous ‘Troll’

The Yes Mess Formed by singer-song writer Danthedan, The Yes Mess will smother you with fanciful incantations that will let your inner animal out.

Joyful and damaged, the vocal combinations live to tell the tale, harmonising and winning. The solid guitar rhythm will welcome you on a journey through the streets of, ‘Illness and Danger’, the ‘Land of the Laughing’ and the afterlife of a ‘Caterpillar’. The snarl and passion, groove and nagging pop melody, will boot-through as the drums roll out the swings and blows, supported by tight, peachy bass beats, and lead guitar experimentations; cheeky, creepy and bewailing. The accordion waves nightmarish imaginations; swiftly U-turning between klezmer to Cuban, jingle to jangle.

"They practice a dark stem of alternative folk which is energetic and mysterious. It's uplifting and real. Great lyrics, surreal images, dark and unique sounds." - The Lantern Society